Exciting times!

Wow! I know this sound silly and a little naive… but I’VE GOT THREE AMAZON REVIEWS! Or rather Love’s Magic does. And they’re all 4 or 5-Stars! To me, this is tremendously exciting.

At the moment though, I find myself buried in the Love’s Magic sequel, Love’s Trials. Been working with my cover designer, the wonderful and amazing Robin Vuchnich at My Custom Book Cover.

Frankly, I had despaired of ever finding a cover designer who could do the things I desperately wanted done for Love’s Trials. I’d already worked with three others, and was beginning to doubt I’d ever get the look I longed for. But Robin nailed it! I can’t wait to show all of you the amazing look she designed for Colin and Joshua. You’re going to love it! I know I do!

When I wasn’t looking at Robin’s amazing designs, I’ve been frantically doing a final pass on Love’s Trials before it goes off to my editor.

It’s like having two children of two separate ages. One is taking his first steps, and the other has yet to be born. But… I love both of them!!

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