The Frat Boy

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The Frat Boy – Janice Jarrell

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The Frat Boy – Janice Jarrell

It happened so fast that Joshua didn’t have time to think. He and Colin were interrogating a member of the Sigma Alpha Fraternity who was accused of assaulting another of his frat brothers during a drunken, drug-infested brawl the previous night. The alleged assailant had spent the night in the campus police jail and was still hung-over and hostile.

Colin, as usual, didn’t even attempt to hide his disgust. “If you can’t handle whatever  you sucked down in order to get as shit-faced as you got last night,” Colin said, his voice heavy with sarcasm, “then maybe you should stick to ginger ale, you fucking lightweight.” He scoffed and leaned back in his chair shaking his head. “Your frat brother had defensive wounds all over him and three of your other brethren are offering to testify against you so you’d be smart to stop lying and start talking.”

The young man in question sneered. “They’re all fuckin’ lying scum. I didn’t hit nobody!”

“Hey, asshole! You picked them, I didn’t!” Colin said, laughing. “And the scuff marks on your knuckles tell a different story. Plus, that I hear tell that you picked up a knife last night. If one of your brethren rats you out on that one…,” he smirked and waved at the prisoner, “…bye-bye, Jakey. You’ll be charged with felonious assault and be expelled on top of being invited to reside in our comfortable digs out back for the next six months.” He grinned gesturing toward the cell area where prisoners were housed. “You’re gonna love our food.”

Joshua had sat quietly listening, but now he leaned forward. “Jake, you’d be a lot better off to just tell the truth. A deal might still be possible if you cooperate with Sergeant Campbell.”

“Cooperate with McFuck?” Jake spat out scornfully tilting his head toward Colin. “Fuck him. And fuck you too!”

Joshua and Colin exchanged a glance and Colin shrugged. “Fine by me,” he said, getting to his feet. “You keep an eye on tough-guy here,” he continued, jerking his thumb toward the prisoner, “while I get the rest of his paperwork.” He sneered and moved toward the door. “We’ll see how tough he is after a few months living out back.”

As Colin left, Joshua once again leaned toward Jake. “You still have a chance to save your education,” Joshua told him. “Lose the attitude and cooperate with campus police. You may think you sound like a tough guy but believe me when I tell you, it would take a lot more than you to impress Sergeant Campbell.”

“Is that right,” Jake sneered, leaning toward Joshua. “Well, what does it take to impress you, asshole?” He leapt across the table and grabbed Joshua by the throat, knocking Joshua’s chair over backwards, landing them both in a pile in front of the door. For a moment the two men struggled then Joshua broke free. He clambered to his feet and spun toward Jake just as Colin burst through the door.

As Colin stared, Joshua hit Jake with a quick one-two punch knocking him flat on his back where he lay on the floor… out cold. Colin called a team of officers to move Jake to the infirmary. “Once he’s checked out, put him back in lockup,” Colin instructed as they dragged the semi-conscious Jake out the door. Then he turned to Joshua who was standing quietly beside him. “Are you alright?” he asked, picking Joshua’s chair up and guiding him into it.

Joshua shrugged and sat down, rubbing his knuckles. “I’m fine.”

“What the hell was that?” Colin said, laughing. “Jesus, Josh, I had no idea you were such a badass.”

“Jab – right cross,” Joshua said, glancing up at him. “Basic one-two punch. Any boxer can do it in their sleep?”

“You’re a boxer?”

“Golden Gloves,” Joshua said, brushing a hand over his pants to clean the floor’s dirt off them. “Illinois state champ three years running.”

“You’re fucking kidding me!”

Joshua met his eyes and smiled. “Why would I kid about a thing like that? Look it up, Colin. It’s on the web.”

Colin regarded him with amazed interest. “Impressive! I just never thought you…” he huffed out a surprised breath and shook his head. “You don’t seem the type!”

“And what type is that?” Joshua asked.

“A fighter,” Colin told him. He half-sat on the table in front of Joshua’s chair. “You don’t seem like a fighter.”

“I seem more like a lover?” Joshua asked with a quick grin.

Colin reared back a bit and cocked an eyebrow. “You know the answer to that one, Josh,” he murmured, his voice low and rumbly in his throat.

Joshua lowered his eyes, blushing in spite of himself at the sex-charged tone of Colin’s voice. “Yeah,” he half-stammered. “I guess I do.”

Sensing his discomfort Colin bent over him, grinning. “What’s the matter, Josh?”

“Colin. Stop.”

“Why? What did I do?” Colin took a quick look around him then leaned close enough to murmur into Joshua’s ear. “Pretty fucking hot, seeing you cold-cock that little bastard. I want to jump you right here and now.”

“Colin,” Joshua half moaned. “We’re at work. C’mon, man, don’t do this.” He couldn’t meet Colin’s eyes. The big Irishman had him. Colin knew exactly what he was doing and he was obviously loving every second of it. He heard Colin chuckle, then gasped as the slightest whisper of fingers skated across the back of his neck, sending goosebumps cascading over his entire body.

“Dammit, Colin, that’s just not fair,” Joshua said. He surged to his feet and backed toward the door, his breathing erratic. “I… I’m going back to my office.”

“You can’t,” Colin said, moving slowly toward him. “We have another appointment in forty-five minutes.” His gaze dropped to Joshua’s crotch and his eyebrows lifted, then his head came up and their eyes locked. “I have a better idea,” he murmured. “And judging from the size of that hardon I see in your pants, I suspect it’s an idea you’re gonna like.”


Colin moved closer and both hands lifted to rest on Joshua’s shoulders, moving him backwards until his back hit the door and they were out of view of the adjoining office. “Why don’t we just…,” Colin murmured, “… go to my place and I’ll take care of that hardon for you. Hmm?” One hand dropped from Joshua’s shoulder and cupped his firm erection, rubbing softly.

“Are you crazy?” Joshua whispered. “What if Lenny walks in here?”

Colin shrugged. “He knows I’m gay and he knows you’re hot. Do you think he’d die of shock?” He grinned and continued his maddingly slow, circular palming of Joshua’s hardening cock. “C’mon Josh. Are you gonna to try to tell me you don’t want to?”

“No,” Joshua replied. “Not much point to that is there.” He sighed and shoved Colin’s hand away. “OK. We’ll go to your place.”

“Good thing it’s close by,” Colin said, still grinning. “Because from what I can feel we don’t have much time.”

“I’ll manage to hold on ’til we get there,” Joshua assured him. “God, you’re a cocky bastard!”

“Well put,” Colin told him, opening the door and gesturing for Joshua to go out ahead of him. “Now come on. Because whether you realize it or not I’m just as ready as you are. You need to knock somebody out more often because it really gets me hot.”

“Well, if that’s what it takes to get you hot you’re in big trouble because I don’t hit people unless they hit me first.” He shouldered past Colin and moved quickly down the hallway toward the exit, hoping no one noticed the sizable erection he still sported in his pants.

Colin shrugged and guided Joshua outside, one hand on his shoulder. “You have other talents.”

It took less than five minutes for them to reach Colin’s bachelor apartment and less time than that for them to toss their clothes aside and fall onto Colin’s bed.

“So fucking hot!” Colin mumbled as he ravaged Joshua’s neck, biting and sucking his smooth, olive skin.

Joshua’s breath caught in his throat. “God, Colin!” He buried his fingers in Colin’s thick, sandy curls and held on tight as Colin began a slow torturous slide down his body, caressing every inch of skin he could reach with his hands, lips, tongue and teeth while Joshua gasped and moaned above him.

“Col… ohhh… fu…,” Joshua choked out as Colin’s lips closed over the head of his cock, peppering it with hard, quick licks that nearly caused Joshua’s brain to explode.

Colin lifted his head and grinned while reaching to one side to grab the lube. “Problem there, bud?”

“No… ju…just… don’t…” Joshua panted out.

“Gotcha,” Colin muttered, squirting a huge dollop of lubricant into his hand. Within seconds that amazingly talented mouth had returned to Joshua’s throbbing dick and was joined by an equally talented hand which stroked Joshua’s erection briefly, then dived lower to caress every inch of sensitive skin he could reach, starting with a slippery glide over his balls, then moving further back to tease and finger his asshole.

Colin wasn’t adept at deep-throating, but he had developed a tonguing technique that was second to none. It swirled and flicked over Joshua’s erection until he was thrashing and whimpering with desire and as hard as stone beneath Colin’s seeking lips.

Colin slowly inserted his middle finger into Joshua’s body still sucking and licking his saliva slick cock, moaning as Joshua’s body thrust forward to meet his fingers, loving his frenzied cries.

“Colin!” Joshua gasped. “Wait! Wait!” His fingers clenched around Colin’s hair, tugging until Colin lifted his flushed face from between Joshua’s legs. “Turn around,” Joshua grated out, almost panting for every breath. “Turn around! Let me… let me…,”

Colin shook his head. “No time now,” he whispered. “Today you get a freebie. We’ll worry about me later.” He grinned up into Joshua’s sweat-drenched face. “Enjoy it,” he added before ducking his head and once again slipping his mouth around the head of Joshua’s rigid shaft. For a moment his tongue swirled in perfect rhythm with the finger still moving in Joshua’s body brushing against his prostate causing Joshua to nearly convulse with pleasure.

Hearing his incoherent cries, Colin slid his finger from Joshua’s body and wrapped his hand around Joshua’s cock, moving it in a lightning fast stroke, his lips and tongue still torturing and bathing the hyper-sensitive skin, until he felt Joshua buck beneath him with a wild cry and pulse in his mouth. Two… three… four times Joshua convulsed as he came again and again, his cries finally dissolving into whimpering moans, his body slowly calming into gasps and shudders of ecstasy.

Breathing heavily himself, Colin rested his hot face against Joshua’s abdomen, feeling the erratic rise and fall as Joshua sucked in short, trembling breaths one after the other.

“God in heaven, Colin!” he gasped out finally. “What the fuck…,”

Colin lifted his face and smiled up at him. “I told you. Seeing you cold-cock that fucking frat boy got me hot!”

Joshua reached for him and drew him up the bed until Colin’s head rested on his shoulder. “My god, Colin, you damn near killed me.”

Colin laughed softly and turned to kiss Joshua’s cheek. “You’d better go shower, bud. We have an appointment in…,” he checked his watch, “… exactly fifteen minutes.”

Joshua turned and slid his leg over Colin’s hip. “Can’t we be late? Or cancel? Is the meeting that important?”

Colin chuckled, shaking his head. “YOU?” he said, in pretend amazement. “Skipping out on work? YOU?”

Joshua sighed and turned away, preparing to slide out of bed. “OK, fine. I’ll go shower. You get dressed.”

Still snickering, Colin reached for his phone. As he did he grabbed Joshua’s arm and hauled him back into bed beside him. “Lenny? Josh and I aren’t going to make that 5:00 appointment with Jake Armster’s frat brothers. Tell them to come back tomorrow. Tell them we got… ummm…,” he paused and winked at Joshua. “Tell them we got tied up.” He listened for a moment, then snickered. “Just never you mind. What we’re doing is none of your fucking business.” He was silent for another moment then laughed out loud. “We will!” He tossed the phone to the bedside table and tugged Joshua closer.

“We will… what?” Joshua asked, leaning heavily against Colin’s broad chest.

“Have fun!” Colin replied, his arms tightening around Joshua’s body. “He said ‘have fun’ and I said ‘we will’!” He pressed his lips to Joshua’s, their tongues meeting in a moist caress. “You ready to have some fun?”

Joshua pushed Colin to his back. “Way ahead of you, Irish.” For a moment he sprawled on top of him then began a slow glide down the length of his body, nibbling and licking all the way.

Colin moaned, his fingers buried in Joshua’s raven curls. “Jesus! Remind me tomorrow to thank that fucking frat boy!”

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