Throw in another sex scene!!

“Throw in another sex scene!” said the guy who was betaing (is that a word?) my book. Then he added: “You know you want to!”

Well, actually I didn’t want to. Not because I don’t like writing sex scenes between my characters, because I do. These guys love each other, or are well on their way to loving each other and I want them to show it! But I don’t think the point to gay romance is two guys (or more) clawing at each other every other paragraph. I don’t write erotica. I write romance.

My assumption is, these guys are having sex a lot more often than I’m writing about it. My book doesn’t chronicle every second of their day. There’s a story going on here and I write in service to that story, not to my character’s libido. I mean there are only so many ways that two human beings can make love. The logistics of the experience are well known. There’s no doubt that you can explore a ton of alternative positions like armpits and what have you. I also realize that there are many types of sexual experiences open for writers to explore and that’s all very well and good.

But basic meat and potatoes sex isn’t really all that complicated. Two penis’s, , two testicles, two pair of hands, two mouths, two anal receptacles. That’s pretty much the basic equipment. Now combine them in any way that suits you. After awhile though it would all have to come out sounding pretty much the same, at least mechanically. Insert tab A into slot B.

What makes a sex scene unique, in my opinion, isn’t the sex, it’s the feelings being expressed during the sex. It’s the emotions that lead TO the sex. It’s the sentiments that are expressed AFTER the sex. The sex itself, the mechanics of it all… who cares? To me that’s barely worth mentioning. How many ways ARE there to give a blowjob? Only one that I know of. But there are a million ways to experience that blowjob both as a giver and a receiver and THAT is where my interest lies.

It’s that singular moment – that split second – when their eyes meet and their very souls cry out in an ecstasy that is secondary to the unity of their bodies. That is where my interest lies. If I can somehow capture that moment, then it’s not a sex scene anymore. It is a joining of two human spirits that transcends the physical. A joining that fills an emptiness which is experienced in the spirit rather than in the body. I want to write sex scenes where bodies are a means to that end rather than the end itself.

I want my characters to feel differently after they’ve made love. I want them to BE different. I want the experience to bring a sea-change that alters them and their relationship in ways which are fundamental to the story I’m trying to tell.

In Love’s Magic, the very first time Colin and Joshua make love, Colin is instantly transformed. He might not have fully realized it at the time, and god knows he put them both through the tortures of the damned before he’d finally admit it. But the experience altered him. It opened a place within him which had been crusted over and barricaded tightly shut. Joshua’s kind, gentle nature touched that wounded place within our tough, Irish cop and coaxed open a small window allowing healing and light to penetrate.

That’s what a sex scene should do, in my opinion. It should bring light to the dark places within our character’s soul. At least the ones we write about should. Every sexual encounter between our guys might not bring that sense of profound healing and change. Sometimes they’re just making love. It’s pleasurable and satisfying and they enjoy the hell out of it, but it doesn’t move their souls. Those moments are fun for them and I’m glad they have those moments. I just don’t want to write about them. I’ll give them their privacy during those encounters. I’ll only stick my nose in when they have those soul-moving moments that propel our story, and their relationship into new and unexplored territory!

So, nope. I didn’t add another sex scene. I did want to, he wasn’t wrong. But truth is… I just didn’t see the point.


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Interview with Joshua Abrams

Interview with Joshua Abrams

Note: This interview takes place during the time of Love’s Magic, but before its climactic ending.

Interviewer: Why did you want to become a psychologist.

Joshua: I suppose the main reason was so I could help others find healing from the emotional damage they’d suffered in their lives. As one who has acquired a bit of emotional baggage myself, I can relate to my patients and in helping them, I hope to, perhaps, find my own healing.

Interviewer: How would you describe your relationship with Colin Campbell?

Joshua: We’re friends and we work together, at least that’s how he sees it.

Interviewer: And how do you see it?

Joshua: I don’t know how anyone could be around Colin and not fall in love with him. Perhaps I see it that way because I have a weakness for men like him, and by that I mean men with whom I have no chance whatsoever of forming a real relationship.

At McCafferty’s, the boys who hang around the piano bar hoping to get a little time with him call him ‘The Magic Man’. And I suppose that says it as well as anything could. Once he casts his spell on you, you’re hooked forever. His kind of enchantment doesn’t go away. I’m not sure how anyone could resist him. And by that I don’t mean just gay men. I mean anyone. Male or female. Gay or straight. He has a magnetism that simply can’t be denied.

Interviewer: So you’re saying you’re in love with him.

Joshua: I guess I am saying that. Maybe I just want to think that he can’t be resisted because I couldn’t resist him. 😉

Interviewer: You seem to see more of him that most of the men he dates.

Joshua: Well, I think there are two reasons for that. 1.) We work together so stopping for a drink after work is easy and natural. And 2.) I’m a pretty good cook and Colin likes to eat, so it’s not hard for me to lure him to my apartment for dinner now and then.

But the fact that I get more time with him than some of the guys he sees socially doesn’t mean a thing. He makes it clear to me all the time that we’re not in ‘a relationship’, that we’re not ‘involved’ in any way.

Interviewer: That seems cruel.

Joshua: No, Colin is never cruel. When he speaks to me about the ‘status’ of our relationship he always does so with a great deal of kindness. He’s aware of how I feel about him, and he genuinely doesn’t want to hurt me. It’s very important to him to be honest with me so that I don’t get any erroneous ideas about where our relationship is heading. And I don’t.

Interviewer: Where do you think it’s heading?

Joshua: My assumption is that eventually I’ll back away and stop seeing him. In fact I’ve started to back away already.

Interviewer: Why?

Joshua: It’s inevitable that our relationship will end, at least our social/sexual relationship. Colin doesn’t form lasting relationships. Everything is short-term with him. He guards his independence with fierce determination, almost like he’s afraid to get too close to anyone.

And, frankly, I can’t go on seeing him on a purely sexually basis. I feel too strongly about him to minimize what we share by accepting it as being that one-dimensional. In a way, I respect him too much… respect how I feel about him too much settle for being his ‘fuck buddy’. The way I feel about Colin deserves more.

Interviewer: Isn’t it rather self-defeating to spend time with someone who obviously doesn’t return your feelings?

Joshua: I thought about it a lot even before we got together for the first time. Colin is a perfect fit for every single neurosis that plagues my mind and heart. He meshes seamlessly with the low sense of self-worth I received as a gift from my abusive father. I knew before we kissed for the first time that I’d fall for him and probably end up with a broken heart.

But you have to know Colin. You have to be around him to understand. He’s so incredibly magnetic. He crackles with energy and zest for life. He smiles, and the temperature in the room goes up ten degrees. He sings like an angel and dances like a sex-obsessed whirlwind. He is every kind of charismatic you can imagine. He’s FUN! He’s a prankster. He makes every moment you’re with him entertaining and enjoyable. How could I NOT drink from that cup when it was offered? How could I say ‘no’ to that experience even knowing it came with a painful emotional price tag? I guess the fact is I couldn’t.

Interviewer: Does Colin have emotional baggage?

Joshua: I’m sure he does. In fact, I feel strongly that everything in his life revolves around a core emotional experience that he has yet to deal with fully. I don’t know what it is and I dare not ask. The walls he’s built around that part of his life are not only high and thick, they are as sensitive to the touch as an aching tooth. If you get too close to that place inside him, he recoils as though he’s been shot, and literally snarls like a wounded animal. I’d give anything if he’d let me help him. Anything. But he protects that secret with a fierce resolve. No one gets close enough to see or understand it. Certainly I haven’t. I only know it dominates his life.

Interviewer: Your father was abusive?

Joshua: He was – and still is as far as I know – an alcoholic who was both physically and emotionally abusive to my mother and myself, which naturally enough led me to approach life from a fairly introverted perspective. Even after eight years of training as a psychologist which taught me all I’d ever need to know about the issues which arise from an abusive childhood, there’s still a little boy inside me who believes it was his fault that his father didn’t seem to love him. I know in my mind that this is an erroneous concept. None of it was my fault. But knowing and believing can be two different things. Your mind can lie to you.

My father used to lock me in a dark closet for hours on end. I’d just sit there alone and cry. So my fear of abandonment and betrayal is quite high. I suppose with Colin, the fact that I knew from the get-go where it was heading bypassed any sense of betrayal I might feel when it ends. It’s not a betrayal. It’s not abandonment. It’s just Colin being Colin… which he’s been totally honest about from the very beginning.

Interviewer: Where is your father now?

Joshua: When I was eight years old he broke my arm when I tried to stop him from beating on my mother. We both ended up in the hospital and she filed charges against him. When he discovered that there was a warrant out for his arrest he fled to Canada and as far as we know he’s still there. We never heard from him again.

Interviewer: What is it like to work with Colin? Isn’t it hard given how you feel about him?

Joshua: It’s not hard at all. It’s a joy. No one who hasn’t see Colin operate as a police officer really knows him. The guys at the bar who think he’s hot and crave time in bed with him don’t know him at all. He is nothing like the persona he flashes in those social environments. Nothing.

He’s absolutely one-hundred per-cent dedicated to helping the victims of violent crime. When he deals with these victims he is gentle and incredibly protective. He can be almost obsessive about putting the perpetrators of these crimes behind bars and takes it very personally when the victims won’t prosecute or when he is unable to make a case against the accused.

There’s something deeper going on inside him when it comes to these cases. I don’t know what it is yet, but the work he does is more personal to him than one might consider normal. Watching him… helping him with these cases is tremendously fulfilling. And, he needs me. I help him find perspective at times when his emotions get too involved. And that makes me feel good.

Interviewer: Colin is unquestionably an alpha male. Is it hard to keep your own personality intact when you’re around him? Doesn’t he tend to overpower you?

Joshua: I don’t let that happen. Firstly, I don’t see him that much outside of work. Not only because he wants it that way, but also because I want it that way. He loses interest quickly so I try to maintain a bit of distance so that he doesn’t become bored with me.

Secondly, I know Colin well enough to know that he wouldn’t waste even a half-second of his precious time on a man he couldn’t respect. If I let him ride rough-shod over me I’d lose his respect and I’d never see him again. He may end up ending our social relationship… or I will. But when we walk away from each other, I insist that it be from a position of respect. I don’t let him push me around. I don’t let him disregard my feelings and opinions. He doesn’t have to return my feelings and I know damn well he doesn’t. But I do insist that he respect them. And he does.

Interviewer: What’s he like when he’s angry? Does he get angry with you?

Joshua: He’s Irish. Of course he gets angry. But oddly enough the angrier Colin gets, the quieter he gets. Colin hates losing control. He keeps a tight rein on his feelings. So, no, I’ve never seen him explode with anger. He’s been annoyed with me a few times… mainly at those times when I show too much emotion or get too sentimental with him. But he never yells at me or become abusive. He simply takes me home and doesn’t call me for a week. I guess he figures that’s punishment enough.

Interviewer: Is it?

Joshua: It’s punishment, because I do like being with him. But I still see him at work so it’s not like he can cut me out of his life completely even when he’s annoyed with me. And I’ll say this… when he gets in those moods I say and do nothing. I don’t ask him what’s wrong. I don’t tell him I miss him. I say and do nothing. Moments like those are a test and I make damn sure I pass. Getting clingy with Colin is a sure-fire way to get yourself kicked to the curb.

Interviewer: What kind of lover is he?

Joshua: Just what you’d expect. He’s as good at that as he is at everything else he does. The times when we make love are the weirdest moments in our relationship in ways. He’s so accessible then. So emotionally available. It’s almost as though those moments make it hard for him to keep his emotional barriers in place.

Don’t get me wrong. He doesn’t get all lovey-dovey even when we make love. He’s still Colin and he still keeps his distance. But there’s something in his eyes when he looks at me then… an openness that I don’t see at any other time.

He knows it too. He knows I see it. He teeters on the brink of something at times like those. It’s as though he knows he’s on the thin edge of letting himself feel something that is normally barricaded behind a million layers of rock. And, naturally enough, that makes him angry. Not angry at me. Angry at himself. And… at those moments he always has to reiterate that we’re not – and never will be – in a real relationship. I’ve almost come to expect it. And I’ve learned not to let it bother me.

Interviewer: What will you do when it ends? Won’t it be hard to go on working with him?

Joshua: I’ll probably move back to Glencoe, Illinois when our relationship ends. I’m sick of working for Title IX anyway. It’s too restrictive. I have too many limitations put on what I can or can’t say to my patients. I need a more open environment. As far as Colin goes… it’ll be hard to leave Charlottesville knowing I’ll probably never see him again. I feel certain that when I go I’ll be taking a broken heart with me. But being with him has been worth it. It really has. He’s a rare and incredible man and I know he’s not someone I will ever get over or forget. I’m not sure how anyone could.

Interviewer: Pick a song that describes you and Colin.

Joshua: Could it be anything else?

Magic Man

Cold, late night so long ago
When I was not so strong you know
A pretty man came to me
I never seen eyes so blue
You know, I could not run away it seemed
We’d seen each other in a dream
Seemed like he knew me, he looked right through me, yeah

“Come on home, girl” he said with a smile
“you don’t have to love me yet, let’s get high awhile
But try to understand, try to understand
Try, try, try to understand, I’m a magic man”

Winter nights we sang in tune
Played inside the months of moon
“Never think of never..let this spell last forever”
Well, summer lover passed to fall
Tried to realize it all
Mama says she’s worried, growing up in a hurry

“Come on home, girl” Mama cried on the phone
“Too soon to lose my baby yet, my girl should be at home”
But try to understand, try to understand
Try, try, try to understand, he’s a magic man, Mama, ah
He’s a magic man

“Come on home, girl” he said with a smile
“I cast my spell of love on you, a woman from a child”
But try to understand, try to understand
Oh, oh, try, try, try to understand,
He’s a magic man, oh, he’s got the magic hands

Oh’s over top

“Come on home, girl” he said with a smile
“You don’t have to love me yet, let’s get high awhile”
But try to understand, try to understand
Try, try, try to understand, he’s a magic man, yeah, oh

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Not all goes well for our heroes in Love’s Trials. As the name might suggest, they are forced to deal with forces outside their control which threaten not only their relationship, but their very existence.

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On The Stairs – A HOT Colin and Josh short story!!

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WARNING: The time frame of this story occurs AFTER the events of Love’s Magic. If you have not yet read the book THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Joshua loved their kitchen more than any other room in the house, with the possible exception of their bedroom. It was warm, cozy, and boasted an octagon shaped dining area which Joshua had decorated with transparent curtains to obscure nothing of the view beyond. He sat every morning with Colin drinking coffee and basking in the light which poured through those curtains. And as he gazed past his gorgeous lover he saw the smooth flowing waters of the Rivanna River as it wound its way past their home and was content.

Add to that the simple fact that Joshua loved cooking for Colin. Loved it beyond any measure of comparison that could be considered even remotely reasonable. Colin didn’t insist that Joshua do the cooking. In fact, he offered again and again to bring food home and repeatedly invited Joshua to go out to dinner. But Joshua usually declined.

He had his own, fairly unique, perspective on cooking for someone you love, which he explained to Colin like this: “I’m creating something for you with my own two hands that will become part of your body. The body I love. It’ll be the blood flowing through your veins, Colin! It’ll be part of your heart… part of every cell in your body, part of your mind, part of the very thoughts you think! To me that is the most sensual thing one human being can do for another.”

Colin understood that he’d be a complete idiot to argue this point, so he kissed Joshua with passionate intensity, and pointed him toward the kitchen.

And yet, Joshua could be lured away from the kitchen. Even as he stood at the counter, surrounded by chopped vegetables there were enticements which overrode his desire to fill Colin with vitamins and minerals.

It was a Saturday morning and Joshua was wrestling with a large spaghetti squash, trying to cut it into halves suitable to use as ‘boats’ for a spicy, cheese-covered filling. He’d been vaguely aware of the sound of Colin’s shower emanating from above his head but didn’t really notice that it had stopped until Colin strolled into the kitchen dressed in nothing except the leftover water droplets which still sparkled on his skin.

Joshua was used to the sight of Colin’s naked body but that familiarity hadn’t, in any way, lessened the effect the sight had on him. His grip on the knife tightened and his mouth fell open.

Colin leaned against the fridge and cocked an eyebrow. “Better be careful with that knife.”

“Yeah,” Joshua replied, his voice a rasp in his throat. He sat the knife down and took a step back, staring at his lover.

They’d been together for four months. Long enough for Joshua to have almost grown accustomed to the fact that he was living with the man of his dreams. But there were moments when the enormity of that reality exploded in his brain like a blast of dynamite. He sucked in a quick breath and took another step back.

Noticing, Colin’s eyebrows lifted questioningly. “You OK?”

“Yeah,” Joshua breathed out. Then for a moment he just stared.

Colin was magnificent, and Joshua’s eyes swept hungrily over the body he cherished. Broad shoulders, below which flowed the hard, warm muscles of his chest, touched only gently by softly curling hair. His powerful arms rippled with sinew. His lean waist, corrugated abdomen, and long, powerfully built thighs and legs never failed to make Joshua’s mouth water. And though hidden from his view at the moment, Joshua had no problem recalling the firm, tempting roundness of Colin’s ass. Add to that his handsome face with its Irish freckles, fair skin, and honeyed-green eyes and the amazing picture was complete.

Incredibly masculine and sizzling with sensual heat, Colin was breathtaking. He had always exuded an energy which was blatantly, invitingly erotic. And yet he seemed totally oblivious to the heat his magnetism generated in others. That heat had ensnared Joshua’s mind and body from the moment they met… just as it did today.

Looking at Colin now a hot flame of desire rose within him, a passion so instantly all-consuming that it took his breath. With a choked off moan, he closed the distance between them and his shaking hands fell onto his lover’s body. Restlessly, they moved over Colin’s chest, caressing his pectorals before sliding to his shoulders.

“God, you are so fucking hot,” Joshua breathed out, then lifted his head and stared into Colin’s eyes, seeing the hunger in his groin mirrored in their emerald-green light. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” Joshua breathed out. “Do you know that you’re everything to me?”

Colin’s only response was a smile and Joshua moaned again, lost in the feeling of smooth skin and firm muscles beneath his fingers, his hard cock pulsing in time with his heartbeat as the aching desire within him re-doubled.

“Of course I know,” Colin murmured finally, his deep, rumbly voice sending shivers down Joshua’s spine. “I’ve always known, Josh. And you know I feel the same about you.” He didn’t move into Joshua’s touch seemingly content, for the moment, to let his lover to explore his body, claim every inch of skin and muscle, caress him… stroke him. But as Joshua’s fingertips began to tease his nipples he caught his lower lip between his teeth and gasped out Joshua’s name, a grate of urgency in his voice.

Joshua smiled and slid his fingernails down Colin’s sides and hips, gently at first, then harder as they moved back up his lover’s body. He felt dizzy, disconnected from the world, conscious only of his desperate need and the man who stood before him.

Colin, gasped as Joshua’s teasing fingers moved over his skin. The hungry passion of his lover’s touch vibrated through him, sending shudders of desire through every cell, hardening his cock in an instant. With a low moan, his fingers gripped the hem of Joshua’s t-shirt and yanked it over his head. One powerful arm encircled Joshua’s waist and jerked him forward, crushing his body against Colin’s chest. Groaning, Joshua threw his arms around Colin’s neck, returning his lover’s embrace as he felt Colin’s teeth close at the crook of his neck and bite down.

“God!” Joshua cried, feeling his already engorged cock pulse again and again as Colin’s teeth, lips, and tongue continued to tease and torment the skin already so sensitive to his touch. He arched his head back with a moan, his gesture begging Colin to lick, bite, kiss, longing to feel Colin’s full, wet mouth devour his skin.

Still sucking on Joshua’s neck, Colin’s fingers fumbled at the snap to his jeans then jerked it open. Both hands grasped the waistband and ripped the jeans apart forcibly lowering the zipper. His tongue slid lower on Joshua’s throat as he blindly shoved the jeans down until Joshua could kick them away.

Finally as naked as his lover, Joshua cried out in pleasure as their erections pressed together, rubbing and grinding against each other as they kissed with an almost frantic intensity, tongues meeting and caressing.

Writhing in each other’s arms, they both moaned. “God, Colin,” Joshua gasped. “Upstairs. Please! Let’s go upstairs!”

Colin nodded and clutched Joshua close, half-dragging him toward the stairs. They lurched half-way up, halting every few seconds to kiss and frantically caress each other’s bodies, before Colin moaned and fell to his knees.

“Fuck this!” he half-growled. His hand grasped Joshua’s erection, stroking and caressing, while his free hand slid behind Joshua’s cock to caress and tease his scrotum. With an anguished moan, his lips and tongue danced over the smooth head of Joshua’s erection while above him he heard his lover cry out and felt him sag, knees buckling at the touch of Colin’s mouth.

“Do it!” Joshua begged, collapsing onto the stairs at Colin’s feet. “Oh god, Colin, please! Do it now!”

Colin licked once up the length of Joshua’s cock, a long, wet, slow glide of his tongue, then he slid the engorged flesh into his mouth, hearing Joshua’s pleas dissolve into short, sharp gasping breaths which hitched in his throat, lost in the wave of blazing hot desire that caught and consumed him.

Sucking and tonguing Joshua’s throbbing flesh, Colin rapidly stroked Joshua’s cock, his own desire ignored for the moment as he immersed himself in the taste and feel of Joshua’s body. He dipped his head to draw Joshua’s hot shaft into his mouth slowing the movement of his hand to prolong Joshua’s pleasure, taking his time to caress his lover’s heaving abdomen and chest, rubbing his thumb across already hardened nipples as Joshua moaned, his body thrashing beneath Colin’s hands and mouth.

His tongue caressed the underside of Joshua’s twitching cock, caressing the firm head with delicate softness, then flicking it with hard, fluttering movements that drew a hoarse cry from Joshua’s throat, his hips arching upward in a sudden, desperate thrust.

“God, Colin!” he cried out. “God!! Oh, God! Right there! There!” He stiffened, arching wildly, his hand fisted in Colin’s hair as jolts of incontrollable pleasure convulsed his body.

Colin swallowed the hot flow that poured into his mouth, sucking gently as the frenzied spasms that shook Joshua’s body slowly subsided.

“Oh my god, baby!” Joshua half-sobbed, his chest heaving, collapsing back onto the stairs as Colin’s hand milked the last few drops of come into his waiting mouth. Then, struggling to breathe and rock-hard with desire himself, Colin rested his head on Joshua’s belly. “Jesus,” he gasped out. “Jesus, Josh!”

For a moment neither of them moved. Then Colin felt the hardness of the stairs under his knees and realized that they must be harder yet for Joshua who was sprawled on his back. He grabbed the bannister and hauled himself to his feet, one arm around Joshua’s waist, pulling him up as well. “C’mon, darlin’,” he whispered.

They stumbled to the bedroom, leaning on each other for support, then collapsed onto the bed. Still breathing heavily, Joshua curled his body around Colin’s, his head resting on Colin’s chest. “My god, Colin!” he breathed out, his voice still trembling.

He felt Colin quiver and glanced up to see that he was laughing. “On the stairs?” Colin said, his fingers weaving in Joshua’s hair. “On the fucking stairs, Josh?”

Joshua twisted until he was lying on top of his lover, their bodies pressed together in a achingly, intimate embrace. “Hey,” he breathed against Colin’s ear, “don’t look at me, it was your idea!”

“I know!” Colin said, his hands moving slowly down Joshua’s back. “I absolutely couldn’t wait one more second.” He caught Joshua’s face between his palms and kissed him passionately. “I had to taste you,” Colin murmured, his voice rough-edged. He carded his fingers through the dark, tumbling curls that he loved. “So gorgeous,” he whispered. “So perfect, my beautiful Jewish boy.” His fingers gently traced the finely chiseled bones of Joshua’s angular face. “I should make you wear your Yamaka to bed,” he muttered nuzzling against Joshua’s cheek.

“For God’s sake, why?” Joshua laughed.

“Because you look even more Jewish when you wear it.”

“And that’s a plus in your Irish-Catholic opinion?” he asked, chuckling against Colin’s throat.”

“It definitely is,” Colin murmured. “It’s my favorite thing about you… next to your hair.”

Joshua arched his back, thrusting his pelvis against his lover’s body, feeling the hard heat of Colin’s cock slide against his belly. “Mmmm,” Joshua half-moaned, half-whimpered. “God, that feel so damn good!” He pressed his lips to Colin’s, his tongue sliding into Colin’s mouth, stroking lightly, easily, touching the underside of Colin’s tongue in a wet, moist caress, then flicking gently back and forth against the tip. He heard Colin gasp and felt the hardness pressed to his abdomen twitch, then twitch again.

He shivered and pressed himself against Colin, his fingernails digging into Colin’s muscular shoulders. “God, I love it when I feel your cock throb like that,” he moaned. “I know just what you’re feeling. Drives me fucking insane.” He could feel his own erection rising again, growing harder with every touch, every kiss.

“What I’m feeling is that if not inside you in the next ten seconds I’ll go insane myself,” Colin whispered “God, I want you, Josh. Want you so fucking much!” He arched, thrusting against Joshua, his hands fisted in his dark curls, crushing his lover’s mouth against his own.

Without taking his lips from Colin’s, Joshua fumbled for the lube that he knew lay on the bedside table. Then he lifted himself into a sitting position, straddling Colin’s hips, one hand moving over Colin’s chest and abdomen, the other clutching the lube. “Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we,” he murmured, smiling down at him. “An insane Irishman would be a dangerous thing.”

“You have no idea,” Colin replied, his words catching on a ragged breath. “C’mon, Josh,” he moaned, again arching himself toward Joshua’s waiting hands. “C’mon… for god’s sake…”

Joshua fell forward onto Colin’s chest and kissed his way slowly down his lover’s body, pausing to lick and suckle each nipple, to bite gently at Colin’s muscled chest, then lower yet, sweeping his tongue around and then deep into Colin’s navel, while his lover moaned and thrashed beneath his lips, sucking in air in rapid shuddering gasps.

Joshua smiled and moved lower in their bed until Colin’s rigid erection was right in front of his face. He slicked his hand with lube then looked up at Colin who had raised himself onto one elbow to gaze down at him.

“Like what you see?” Joshua asked.

Colin nodded, breathing heavily, his eyes fixed on Joshua.

Joshua grasped Colin’s erection and lowered his head, engulfing the smooth, hard head of Colin’s engorged manhood. His hand began a slow, languorous stroke while his wet, slippery mouth and tongue bathed the sensitive head, tongue teasing and flicking, moaning in response to Colin’s pleasure-filled cries. He felt Colin’s fingers grip his hair tightly, not pushing, but clenching and unclenching in Joshua’s curls, moaning mindlessly as Joshua tortured the sensitive skin, bathing it in wetness, licking at the pre-cum to further slick Colin’s already slippery cock.

“Josh!” Colin cried, leaning forward to grasp Joshua’s shoulders “Stop!” he cried, grabbing Joshua’s hand. “God, Josh, stop! I’m too close! I’ll come! Want to be inside you! Josh, please!”

Joshua pressed the lube into Colin’s hand and fell onto his back. Within seconds he felt the cool, slippery glide of lubricant being smeared over the puckered opening to his body. “Do it!” he hissed. “Skip the damned fingers! I want you inside me!”

Colin moaned as he eased his heavy erection just barely inside his lover then moaned again as he pushed deeper, encasing himself in Joshua’s body.

Joshua whimpered, clearly feeling some pain, but opened himself, arching toward his lover’s body as Colin slowly pressed into him.

“Oh Jesus,” Colin whispered, leaning on his powerful arms, his head low, sweat from his face and brow falling onto Joshua’s chest. “Oh, Jesus, Josh! Jesus, god, so fucking tight!” Chest heaving, Colin buried himself at the scorching, tight core of his lover’s body. For a moment he was totally still, head lifted, teeth clenched, sucking in air through lungs that burned like fire. “Christ, Josh! Christ, baby, so good!”

Joshua wrapped his legs around Colin’s body, pulling him tighter, deeper inside him. “More!” he ground out through his teeth. “Deeper, Colin! Want more of you!”

“Fuck!” Colin moaned, forcing himself not to move, fearful that he’d come too soon as a riptide of desire surged, taking his breath. He ground himself against Joshua’s ass, pushing his legs higher, pressing into him as deeply as he possibly could. He heard his lover half-scream out a cry so filled with burning desire that Colin’s cock throbbed violently in response.

He pulled out slowly, then thrust into him again and then again, slowly at first, then rocking with greater speed and force, low, hungry moans pouring from his throat. He heard Joshua crying out again and again as his thrusts grew more powerful.

Joshua’s nails raked down Colin’s back, his hips bucking in ardent response, gasping out one word again and again: “More!”

Joshua’s words seeped into Colin’s consciousness through a blood-red haze of desire. “Jesus!” he cried, feeling his heart pounding madly in his chest. “Jesus, Josh…” He gasped his lover’s name again and again, drowning in bliss, lost in a feeling of unity that surpassed anything he had ever known. Sucking in air in breathless spasms, he slowed his pace, finding a rhythm that balanced them on the raw, razor-thin edge between anguished pleasure and the bliss of release. Eventually, though, the need to come consumed him and the rhythm of his thrusts became erratic as he pounded into his lover in a frenzy of longing, uttering harsh, guttural cries with every pump of his hips.

Frantically, he searched along the sweat-drenched plane of their bellies to grasp the throbbing hardness of Joshua’s erection. Their bodies now thrashed in a desperate rhythm, and for a few moments they writhed together wildly, gripping each other, straining to find release, conscious of nothing beyond the power of their need.

Colin’s climax hit him with sudden, violent force, blanking his mind, sending white-hot flashes of light dancing before his eyes. Nearly sobbing in ecstasy, he lost himself completely to huge jolts of pleasure that ignited every cell in his body. “Oh God,” he moaned. “Oh, God! Josh, Josh, I love you so much!” He felt Joshua spasm, crying out Colin’s name in a strangled voice as he spilled himself over Colin’s fist, crying out with every pleasure-filled spasm.

Still trembling, still gasping from after-jolts of pure pleasure, Colin collapsed on top of his lover. For several minutes the room was silent except for their rapid, erratic breaths and soft, whimpering moans. Joshua’s arms and legs were still wrapped around Colin’s body, and Colin pressed him into the mattress with his full weight, deeply reluctant to separate and surrender the unity they now shared.

Finally, he sucked in a long, wavering breath. “My God, Josh.” He heard Joshua draw in a long, sobbing breath and lifted his head to gaze at him. “You, OK, baby?” he asked, bending to nuzzle Joshua’s neck.

“I think so,” Joshua replied in a ragged whisper, his fingers tangling in Colin’s hair, pressing him against his chest. “Oh, my God, Colin, did that really just happen? Did I just come twice in the last twenty minutes?”

“Uh huh,” Colin affirmed, his warm breath caressing the curling hairs on Joshua’s chest. “Did you think you imagined it?”

“I’ve could never have imagined anything that amazing,” Joshua replied.

Colin lifted his head and pressed a soft kiss to Joshua’s swollen lips. “I know,” he whispered. “I know.”

“You’re going to have nail marks,” Joshua murmured, gliding his hand over Colin’s broad shoulder.

Colin gave a tiny shrug. “Don’t care,” he murmured, then nestled against Joshua’s chest, kissing his neck, nuzzling against him. “God, I don’t want to move.”

“Me either,” Joshua whispered. “But I’m afraid we… uh… maybe…”

“Yeah,” Colin muttered, slowly turning to his back, sighing as his softened cock slid from Joshua’s body. “I hate that moment.”

“What moment?”

“That moment when I’m not part of you anymore.” He turned to face his lover, leaning over him on one elbow.

“There is no such moment,” Joshua said, reaching to caress Colin’s cheek. “You’re always part of me, Colin. Always. And I’m always part of you.”

Colin pressed Joshua’s hand to his lips and kissed his palm.

“It’s funny,” Joshua said, his voice a hoarse whisper, “sometimes our lovemaking is just… fun. Sometimes it’s slow and gentle, takes half the night. Sometimes it’s fast and rough.” He smiled and drew Colin down into a long, lingering kiss. “But today…,” Joshua whispered. “Today it was…,” he hesitated, swallowing past the ache in his throat. “Today it was perfection.

“Yeah,” Colin whispered. “Yeah, it was.” He kissed Joshua again, then gently nudged their noses together.

“When we’re like that,” Joshua said, sliding his fingers into Colin’s sandy hair. “So close… so completely melted into each other. The oneness I feel with you is almost…,” he drew in a shaky breath, “… it’s almost too much to bear.”

“But you will,” Colin breathed out, his lips against Joshua’s cheek. “You will won’t you, my beautiful Jewish boy.”

“Yes,” Joshua replied. “For as long as I live… I will.”

Colin kissed him again, then smiled. “Weren’t you cooking something when I walked into the kitchen?”

Joshua laughed. “Yeah, but it kinda’ got left behind.” He nuzzled against Colin’s cheek and chuckled. “Something came up that lured me away.”

Colin snickered. “I’ll say. Came up and stayed up!”

Joshua grunted out a soft moan then stretched, twisting his waist then his shoulders and neck.

“You sore?” Colin asked.

Joshua shot him a disbelieving look. “Sore? Who, me?” He grinned and pecked Colin’s cheek. “Not much. Certainly, not enough to keep me from finishing dinner.”

“Come shower with me,” Colin said, turning to slide out of bed.

“Didn’t you just get out of the shower?” Joshua asked, grinning as he moved to stand beside his lover.

“Yeah, but I seem to need it again,” Colin said, indicating his chest and belly which were coated with the evidence of their lovemaking. He winked then slid his arm around Joshua’s waist and snugged him close to his side. “C’mon. We’ll shower then I’ll help you with dinner.”

“You’ve got a deal,” Joshua replied, and, smiling, they moved together toward the bathroom.

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