Fearless Heart

Love’s Lawyer – Book One

Amazon Reviewer: “Absolutely wonderful and I loved it. Definitely a must read, excitement galore, secrets revealed, lots and lots of drama, exciting moments and memories that were all over the place. A beautiful love story and I can’t wait for more! So many thanks!”

Lawyer on My Case Book 1.5

Amazon Reviewer: “This collection of stories is just wonderful reading…sublime words. Every chapter filled with words of love….emotions taking the reader on a ride that eventually ends with you knowing Joshua and Colin even more. Every smile, every tear , every word made me fall in love with them more. Thank you so much, dear author. These two characters…along with Lenny , Nate , David and the others come to life with every page turned. As a huge fan of this series, I ask everyone to give it a chance and come to know these wonderful people.”

Relevant Law – Book Two

Amazon Reviewer: “The setting of the pace of this book is perfection, and sharing the book between love and suspenseful elements is well balanced. I have loved every single book that Janice Jarrell has written, but I think Relevant Law takes it to another level.
She weaves the story elements together beautifully. Colin and Josh’s love is so strong, that it had my heart hurting when Colin didn’t know what had happened to Josh and if he would end up alone.

I’m not sure how Janice keeps writing these great books, but as long as she does I’ll keep reading them.”