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KG Petrone is a talented International Author and Poetess. KG published her first Short Story(character introduction) E-Book, ‘The Menacing House’ in 2017 followed by her debut dual timeline novel, ‘Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine’ a Supernatural Crime Thriller which was honored with the 5-star recommended read seal by the Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project (*IHIBRP). She then composed book I in her “Ego Anthology” ‘The Fractured Ego,’ KG went on to publish Book II titled, ‘Mending the Ego, The Journey continues…’ and book III in the Ego Anthology which was released in 2019 titled, “Accepting the Ego.”

Truth be told, she stated, “with all the monsters I’ve actual met and feared in real life. I would much rather live in isolation with the fictitious monsters in Novels and Short Stories than the one’s depicted on the 6 o’clock news.” Whereby, KG pulled from her experiences. Especially those dealing with loss, shame, guilt, remorse, addiction and grief purging all these inner thoughts and private emotions into her poetry. Freely and courageously she shares them with you in her poetic journey;Healing through Words Anthology hoping to inspire, raise awareness and allow those suffering to know they are not alone.

KG is a big cooking enthusiast and a food blogger. Feel free to check out some delicious recipes at:  www.CookingwithAuthorKGPetrone.com

“Addictive Whispers…the Voices Within,” is a book of expressive poetry depicting both the temptations and the ravages of addiction.

In the face of today’s rising epidemic of opiate use and abuse, this collection of expressive poetry conveys the emotional consequences of addiction from not only the addict’s perspective, but also from that of the addict’s mother sharing her fears, concerns, and feelings of immense helplessness as she bears witness to the spiraling effects of addiction on her child.

International Poetess/Author KG Petrone hopes that these poems will inspire anyone who has been afflicted with addiction to seek help (www.samhsa.gov). She also wants to share these poems with other mothers who may be dealing with a child’s addiction, and to let them know they are not alone:  That support is available for them as well. (www.Al-Anon.org)

Are you contemplating trying drugs? If so, read this book first. The Author, who has remained opiate/methadone free since 1997, knows first-hand the pain and destruction of addiction.

She prays that her poetry will help you choose to abstain and instead to cherish the greatest gift you own…life!

excerpt from the poem,

Addictive Whispers

…Avoid the seductive siren of it calls

Stand firm behind your virgin walls

Don’t test the tides and try the dope

For its waves of pleasure erase all hope.

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