Love’s Lawyer – Excerpt

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“I don’t mind being objectified. You have my permission to use me for your sexual gratification.”

Joshua laughed as they entered their bedroom and moved to the side of the bed. “And you won’t be doing the same thing to me?”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t going to mention that.”

“You thought I wouldn’t notice?” Joshua asked, walking backwards toward their bed, Colin’s hands in his.

“That I’m using you for sexual gratification?” He smiled as they reached the bed. “No. I had every intention of getting your attention.”

Joshua laughed and slid his hands under Colin’s shirt and up his bare chest. “Mm,” he moaned softly as his fingers moved over smooth skin, filling his hands with the curved muscle of Colin’s pectorals. His eyes closed in bliss. “My God, touching you is heaven.” He opened them again and looked up, his gaze locking with Colin’s as he tugged the shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. “You seem more serious than usual.”

Colin shrugged, watching as Joshua unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, his own hands reaching to unfasten his jeans. “Not serious,” he said. “Just aware.” He lowered his jeans and briefs and kicked them to a corner, then spun back to face Joshua who was sprawled on the bed, leaning on one elbow watching him.

“Scoot,” Colin told him, then crawled onto the bed beside him. Leaning on his own elbow, he bent over Joshua, staring into his eyes. His index finger traced the outside of Joshua’s eyebrow, then curved down and under his angular cheekbone before slipping up to twist a single curl around and around his finger until it disappeared in a soft, warm prison of dark ringlet. His movements were slow and deliberate, as if he longed to extend the moment into forever. As if he never wanted it to end.

“You’re going to make me cry,” Joshua whispered, his voice breaking.

“Why?” Colin asked, his finger still wrapped in Joshua’s curl.

“Because the way you’re looking at me—the way you’re touching me…” Joshua exhaled a shaky breath. “It’s like you’re talking to me. Saying things that take my breath away. Loving things. Beautiful things. Everything I’ve ever wanted to hear you say, you’re saying all of it right now with your eyes and your touch, and I—” He shook his head, and his eyes dropped, his breath shuddering in his chest.

“Then listen,” Colin whispered, leaning so close that his breath warmed Joshua’s ear. “Just listen.”