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Joshua bowed his head and pressed his face to Colin’s shoulder.

“I need you to know that I’ll never make that mistake again,” Colin said, his voice hoarse, rasping against Joshua’s hair. “I’ll quit law school. I’ll work as a security guard. I’ll do whatever it takes. But I’ll never risk losing you again, Josh. I just won’t. Nothing’s worth that. Nothing.”

Joshua lifted his head and slid his fingers into Colin’s sandy curls, gripped there. He tilted Colin’s head until their eyes met. “How could you even think such a thing? You could never lose me.”

“You looked so beautiful while you lay there sleeping,” Colin said, staring into Joshua’s chocolate-brown eyes. “Like something out of a dream.” He shook his head, his expression haunted. “I sang so many love songs without having a clue what the words really meant,” he mused. “Now I know, Josh. I was singing them all to you.”