Love’s Magic Short Stories

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Explicit language and HOT M/M sexual activities. For +18 adults only!

Almost a Promise: Is there something in Colin’s glance which hints at connection beyond the a sexual? Is it possible that the fiercely independent Irish cop saw, in Joshua, something more than a ‘fuck buddy’? Joshua knew he’d be a fool to allow such thoughts. That kind of wishful thinking was dangerous. But when they were this close… he couldn’t help himself.

Explicit language and HOT M/M sexual activities. For +18 adults only!

The Hunger – There were some hungers that food could never satisfy. There were some hungers which defied even a stubborn Irishman’s insistence that he didn’t ‘do’ relationships. There were some hungers that refused to die.

The Healer – Joshua was a good enough shrink to recognize a lost cause when he saw one. But there was something about this man that no one else could see. Something meant for Joshua’s eyes alone.

Schmoopy. Will make you cry but you’ll love it!!

Dinner With Colin – Just a bit of food and sass between… friends.

At The Crossroad – Colin strives not to know what he absolutely knows.

No Big Deal – A Colin story He’s simply having a stout at McCafferty’s when Jeff Kerry happens along. Too bad Jeff knows him so well.

The Frat Boy – Colin and Joshua are interrogating a prisoner when all hell breaks loose and Joshua manages to surprise the hell out of him! Heat index… way up there!

On The Stairs – Is there ANYPLACE those two won’t make love? Doesn’t seem like it!

WARNING: The time frame of this story occurs AFTER the events of Love’s Magic. If you have not yet read the book THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS!


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