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This is the drown in the love, most romantic writer I’ve met in many years. Ms. Jarrell’s characters are men who would be great to have as neighbors, drool over in a bar or come to your rescue when your car is broke down on the side of the road. They work hard and love harder.



The magic that united them, the trial that shattered them, the healing that restored them, each with their own companion book of short stories. All available on Audible!

LOVE’S COST, Trent and Jeff’s story.

When love of his life, Adam Wagner, died in his arms, Jeff Kerry’s life shuddered to a halt. Stuck in that one dreadful moment in time and broken by the dark secret which haunted his every dream, he found it impossible to move on. Can Trent Peterson fill the void which Adam’s death left in his heart?



The collapse that overwhelmed them, the terror and uncertainty that nearly defeated them.

One dream, one wish, one love.

Every step taken together has strengthened their love. Every problem solved, every obstacle overcome, has deepened their commitment to the life they share.

Read their story. Listen to their story.  Walk beside them…..⁣⁣

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Coming to audio in 2022. 

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Coming to Audible in 2022! 

Amazon Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The setting of the pace of this book is perfection, and sharing the book between love and suspenseful elements is well balanced. I have loved every single book that Janice Jarrell has written, but I think Relevant Law takes it to another level.

She weaves the story elements together beautifully. Colin and Josh’s love is so strong, that it had my heart hurting when Colin didn’t know what had happened to Josh and if he would end up alone.

I’m not sure how Janice keeps writing these great books, but as long as she does I’ll keep reading them.”

From award winning author Joe Cosintino: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Janice Jarrell, in addition to being a skilled author, certainly did her research in psychology, law, and medicine. The realistic details in each chapter are mind-boggling. However, this is no dry procedural novel. I challenge anyone to get to the last page without a box of tissues nearby.

As in all the books of this series, romance is the main ingredient, and this story, like the others, will tug at your heartstrings from start to finish thanks to Colin and Josh’s never wavering devotion to each other. May Colin and Josh continue to share their love and their wonderful stories!”

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