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“Love and magic have a great deal in common.” – NORA ROBERTS

From an Audible listener: “Hearing Walker Williams read this is a whole new kind of HOT!”

From an Audible review: “This is a magnificently written story about love, finding love and how to hang on to it. It’s beautifully crafted and I so enjoyed listening to it. Janice Jarrell did a wonderful job with choosing Walker Williams to lend his talent and beautiful voice to this project. Bravo to YOU both for a wonderful job!!! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!!!”

From an audible review: “Janice Jarrell’s prose was lovely. I enjoyed her use of Irish songs and the many sections that boasted such detailed visual imagery. The narration by Walker Williams was spot on. The voices for both Nate and Colin were absolute perfection. His slow, rhythmic tone was soothing and light, but spared no emotion. This was my first audio book narrated by him and it won’t be my last.”

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