Magic Spells – A companion book of short stories.

MAGIC SPELLS – A novella of short
stories from the world of Love’s Magic.


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Even after publishing Love’s Magic I found myself unable to let go of Colin and Joshua. This dynamic couple insisted that they had more to say and they simply refused to be denied. I followed their voices and the result was this novella of short stories which follow Colin and Joshua from the time Love’s Magic begins through its emotional and dramatic climax.

Magic Spells is a novella of twelve short stories featuring charismatic, freedom-loving Irish police Sergeant, Colin Campbell and quiet, Jewish psychologist, Joshua Abrams. It is a smoking hot glimpse into Colin and Joshua’s romance, following their story from the time they first meet to the time of Love’s Magic’s dramatic climax. In this book you get an intimate and deeply personal glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of two intensely passionate and single-mindedly devoted men.

We watch them as their relationships grows, taking them from friendship to the ardent lovers they become by Love’s Magic’s end. I hope that the many readers who fell in love with this hot, sexy, amazing couple will appreciate having all their stories under one cover.

The stories in this book contain mature content including explicit sexual relations between Colin and Joshua. + 18 years of age