St. Patrick’s Day At Home!

It was March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, and Colin and Joshua had hoped to celebrate at home…. if they could ever get there. Colin’s day was taken up with law school. As a 3L his classes were often intense and he was also involved in pro-bono work as part of his graduation requirements which, on occasion, meant keeping longer hours.

Joshua spent most of his day counseling patients at the Rainer Clinic, before dashing across town to the University of Virginia Medical Campus where he was completing a fellowship in forensic psychology. But in spite of his heavy schedule, Joshua ducked out of class a bit early. He had something special in mind for his Irish husband today, and he needed to get home in time to make it all come together.

“Hey, babe!” Colin yelled as he burst through the door that night, then stopped dead in his tracks and stared.


Joshua stood beside their dining room table wearing a T-shirt decorated in Irish Green and emblazoned with the words: ‘HAPPINESS IS BEING MARRIED TO AN IRISHMAN’.




In the middle of their dining room table sat a gorgeous bouquet made up of various flowers – all of which were green.





In front of the flowers was a plate filled with corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage.





Sitting next to the plates were two glasses labeled Guinness and both were filled to overflowing with green beer.



Colin moved toward the table, laughing. “This is wonderful, Josh! Where the hell did you find the time?” He took his husband in his arms and kissed him. “Thank you, baby. My god! This smells sensational!”

“How did I find the time?” Joshua repeated, smiling as he embraced his husband. “I skipped school, that’s how! Nothing but the best for you on St. Patrick’s Day,” Joshua said, his arms tight around Colin’s neck.

Colin slid his fingers into Joshua’s dark curls, then kissed him passionately, rocking him against his body. “Mm,” he moaned, then sucked in a hissing breath. He turned and glanced at the table, then turned back to Joshua and met his eyes. “Damn!” he muttered, “I don’t know which I want more; to take you to bed, or to eat that delicious smelling meal.”

Joshua drew in a deep breath, still holding Colin tight. He groaned out a sigh. “Damn!” he repeated, rubbing his cheek against Colin’s scruff. “I spent all afternoon cooking that meal and I don’t know which I’d prefer.” He peeked up at his husband. “Are you hungry?”

“Starved,” Colin grunted out, his lips pressed to Joshua’s throat.

“Then my suggestion would be to eat first, then take me up to bed for dessert.”

Colin leaned back, his eyes wide in surprise. “You didn’t make me a dessert?”

Joshua burst into laughter. He put both hands on Colin’s shoulders and turned him toward the table. “Sit your Irish ass down. Of course, I made dessert. Would I deprive you of pie on your favorite holiday?”

“What kind?” Colin asked lifting Joshua’s fingers to his lips as he lowered himself into his chair.

“Chocolate-mint, of course,” Joshua said, grinning.

“Mm, my boy!” Colin said, smacking his lips. “But this isn’t my favorite holiday. I like Chrismukkah better because it’s more for the two of us.”

“I’m an honorary Irishman,” Joshua protested. “At least Danny said I was.”

“That you are,” Colin told him. He devoured several forkfuls then turned to Joshua. “I recognize the recipe.”

Again, Joshua burst into laughter. “Yep,” he said. “I was on the phone with your mother for over an hour. And she told me that this isn’t really an Irish meal!”

“It’s American,” Colin said. “But you won’t hear me complaining. It’s damned good.”

“She tried to convince me to make a Dublin Coddle but I didn’t have enough time to get all the ingredients.”

“I love Dublin Coddle!” Colin said. “Oh man, Ahn-tee used to make it for Kathy and I. It’s so good!”

“You’ll get it next year,” Joshua promised.

“Good old St. Patrick,” Colin said, with a snicker. “All the green beer we drink for that silly SOB, and he wasn’t even Irish!”

“You’re kidding!” Joshua blurted, leaning back. “Not Irish?”

“He was born in Scotland and his name was Maewyn Succat,” Colin said, between bites. “Patrick was the name he took when he became a priest. He came to Ireland to convert everyone to Christianity. Legend says he used the shamrock’s three leaves to teach the Irish about the holy trinity.” He shrugged. “Who knows if any of it’s even true. Good story though. Scottish boy makes good in Ireland.”

“Where the hell did you learn all this?” Joshua asked.

“Googled it,” Colin replied with a smirk.

Joshua got up and went into the kitchen, emerging seconds later with the chocolate-mint pie in his hands. “OK, Irish. All for you.” He sat the pie down in front of Colin who ogled it, rubbing his hands together.

“Oh man, Josh, it’s gorgeous! Gimmie a plate!”

Joshua smiled and handed him a plate and Colin helped himself to a healthy sized slice. Joshua had decorated the minty-green pie with shamrock cookies and the crust was made of chocolate. Within seconds Colin had devoured over half of his slice. “Take your time,” Joshua said as he began to eat his own slice. “There’s plenty left.”

They each had two slices, which left very little of the tasty pie. “There’s enough left for you to take a piece to school tomorrow,” Joshua told him.

Colin leaned back in his chair and sighed. “Absolutely incredible, my love,” he told Joshua, reaching to take his hand.

“Since you liked it so much, you can help with the dishes.”

“Forget the dishes,” Colin said, rising to his feet. He drew Joshua up and into his arms. “I promised you something else for dessert, didn’t I? Did you think I’d forget?”

“So, my dessert is an Irish cop?”

Colin tightened his arms around Joshua’s waist, feeling Joshua’s fingers sliding into his hair, stroking the sandy waves, caressing them. He smiled and brushed his lips back and forth against Joshua’s mouth, letting his tongue lightly brush against those parted lips, leaving them wet and trembling.

“You,” Joshua sighed, his breath growing erratic and shallow in his chest, “are such a tease.”

Colin’s laugh was a soft, warm caress against Joshua’s mouth. “Only if what I’m doing turns you on,” he said, sliding his mouth to Joshua’s ear, letting his tongue explore the swirls and openings, catching the soft earlobe between his teeth.

“What you do always turns me on,” Joshua whispered.

“Well, I do have a talented mouth,” Colin murmured, moving his lips from Joshua’s ear to his throat.

“I’ll say,” Joshua murmured. He clasped Colin’s face between his palms and gazed into his eyes, feeling his own sting with tears. “I love you, Irish,” he whispered. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

Colin smiled and nuzzled his forehead against Joshua’s. “I love you too, honorary Irish,” he said. “Happy St. Rat-rick’s Day to you too.”

“Rat-ricks?” Joshua said, laughing.

“That what Kathy and I used to call it behind the grown-ups backs,” Colin said with a snicker, then captured both Joshua’s hands in his and began to walk backwards toward the stairs. “Leave the dishes,” he crooned, drawing Joshua after him. “Leave it all. I don’t care about the messy kitchen. I just care about getting you naked.”

Joshua followed after him, laughing. “Well, I’m all in favor of that, my beautiful love. I just hate for all that left-over food to go to waste.”

“Screw the food,” Colin said, pulling Joshua to him and wrapping and arm around his shoulders as they began to climb the stairs. “I’m more worried about my hardon going to waste.”

Joshua leaned against him as they wandered into their bedroom, still shaking with laughter. “My god, you’re in a mood tonight!” he said, unbuttoning his work shirt. “What the hell happened today to get you so fired up?”

“Not a damn thing,” Colin told him, yanking his T-shirt over his head. He stripped off the rest of his clothing and tossed it in the general direction of a nearby chair, his eyes never leaving Joshua. “I just couldn’t get you out of my mind. Been thinking about you all day long.”

Joshua draped his slacks over a chair and walked to where Colin stood beside their bed. He laid both palms on Colin’s chest, covering his pectorals, then slid them lower, gliding them down over Colin’s sides and hips, then down his thighs before skating them back up his husband’s body, his fingertips grazing Colin’s skin, moving higher and higher until his hands once again moved against Colin’s pectorals, caressing the smooth muscles.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his hands moving higher, caressing Colin’s shoulders, then twining around his neck. Colin’s eyes had closed as Joshua’s fingers moved over his body, but now they opened and stared into Joshua’s.

“What’s beautiful isn’t me,” Colin whispered. “What’s beautiful is us.” He caught Joshua’s shoulders in his hands and moved him onto the bed in one swift motion, kneeling over him, straddling him for a long moment before lowering himself, pressing his whole weight against his husband’s body.

“Mmm,” Joshua half-moaned, half-whimpered, loving the feeling of Colin’s heaviness pressing him into the bed. Loving the feeling of Colin’s thick, hard erection pulsing against his body. Loving the smell of him, the sound of his erratic breathing, his strong hands gripping Joshua’s wrists, the rough/soft scruff of his beard scraping Joshua’s chest as Colin devoured his skin, the feeling of Colin’s tousled hair brushing against his body. His senses grew sharp, every nerve ending on fire as Colin inched lower, exploring every inch of Joshua’s body with a wet, seeking tongue and eager lips.

“I love you,” Joshua whispered, his voice an erratic gasp. He wasn’t even sure that Colin could hear him, lost as he was in his exploration of Joshua’s body, but he whispered it again, his fingers clenching in Colin’s hair. “I love you so much.”

He felt Colin’s weight shift as he moved higher, leaving a wet trail on Joshua’s chest as his lips gradually found Joshua’s throat, then his lips. “I love you too,” he rasped, then claimed Joshua’s mouth in a fierce and searing kiss, both fists clenching in Joshua’s dark, thick curls. “Want you, Josh,” he moaned against Joshua’s lips.

“Want you too, my beautiful Irishman,” Joshua whispered against Colin’s ear.

Colin leaned back, his eyes traveling down the length of Joshua’s body. The visual wealth of his olive nakedness was more than Colin could bear. Trembling, he bent his head – his lips pressed once again to Joshua’s throat as his hand slid down Joshua’s chest. His fingers lingered over the rose-velvet nipples, caressing them until he heard Joshua moan and felt the sensitive buds harden beneath his caresses.

Whimpering, Colin kissed Joshua’s sweat-damp chest, letting his wet tongue follow the curve of Joshua’s breast until his mouth covered one taut nipple. As he kissed and sucked, his hand wandered to the other, caressing it with the soft pad of his thumb. Joshua’s moans were a low, rumbling purr which sent hot stabs of desire coursing through Colin’s body. “Oh, my god, the taste of your skin!”

Colin’s hand dipped lower, sliding over Joshua’s belly before moving his hand to the down-soft curls beneath. Joshua gasped slightly as Colin’s hand gripped his throbbing erection, stroking it gently but firmly as his lips returned to capture Joshua’s beneath his own in a soft, lingering kiss. The touch of Joshua’s lips was intoxicating. Drowning in bliss, he drew in a sobbing breath, feeding on the sweet essence of Joshua’s kisses as his hand moved slowly, purposefully, to stroke again and again, until Joshua cried out in mindless desire.

“Colin,” he gasped, clutching Colin’s shoulders. ‘Please! Oh, god, yes, please!”

Colin unstopped a small tube and spilled an aromatic vanilla oil into his hand. One finger then moved to caress the opening to Joshua’s body. As he felt Joshua’s hips buck beneath him, he dipped his head and touched his mouth to the head of Joshua’s penis. His tongue caressed the taut silken skin, licking away the drops of essence that had formed there.

Chest heaving with the force of his own desire, Colin licked the length of Joshua’s cock, savoring the sweet taste of him, while at the same time he slicked the entrance to his body and then his own hardness. Slowly, with infinite tenderness, Colin’s lips moved higher, kissing his way up the length of Joshua’s writhing body as he joined his body to his husband’s, hearing Joshua’s breath becoming harsh and uneven, as his fingernails dug into Colin’s shoulders, urging him closer.

Colin moaned against Joshua’s chest, and overwhelmed by aching need, plunged deeply into Joshua’s heated core, hearing his cry of joy as from a dim distance. He withdrew then pressed deep again, filling Joshua completely, jolting their bodies with the force of his passion. Again and again he surged forward, increasing the tempo of his thrusts as Joshua’s body rose to meet them.

Crying out with every motion, aware of nothing except a sense of mindless unity with the man he loved, Colin felt his climax building, consuming his every pore, his mind and body dissolving into molten desire. He reached between them and gripped Joshua’s swollen member in his fist, pumping it in perfect rhythm with the motion of his hips, then drove into Joshua, grinding against his body as they both came in an explosion of ecstasy.

Holding each other close, their eyes drifted shut, lost in the sweet bliss of their union, their heads filled with the scent of each other’s bodies and the dim, sweet scent of vanilla oil.

“Jesus,” Colin gasped out against Joshua’s sweaty throat. “Jesus, Josh!”

“Yeah,” Joshua panted, his legs slowly relaxing from around Colin’s hips, “Happy St. Rat-rick’s Day to you too.”

For several minutes they lay together in silence, listening to the sound of each other’s breathing and the soft thrum of each other’s heart. But finally Colin stirred. “Do we have to move?” Joshua whimpered, carding his fingers through Colin’s wet, sandy curls.

“’Fraid so, darlin’,” Colin muttered. “Someone needs to change these sheets.”

“Someone?” Joshua said, puffing out a soft laugh.

“I’d do it,” Colin said, turning to lie on his side, “but I’m totally exhausted from…,” he shot a quick grin at Joshua and winked, “…. well, you know.”

Joshua chuckled again. “Yeah, I know alright.” He turned to his side as well, gazing into Colin’s eyes, then leaned forward and kissed him. “You sure came home in a mood.”

“Sometimes…,” Colin began, then hesitated before beginning again. “Sometimes I look at a picture of you when I’m in school or at work and, god, Josh! I’m just blown away by how beautiful you are. Your eyes. Your smile. That hair that I love so much. Just such a complete package of wonderfulness that I can barely focus on what I’m supposed to be doing.” He nuzzled his face against Joshua’s cheek. “It takes every ounce of strength I possess not to race over to your office and fuck your brains out right there on the desk.”

“Shocking the living hell out of whatever patient I’m currently counseling,” Joshua said, then leaned forward and pressed another kiss to Colin’s beautiful swollen lips. “I do know that feeling,” he replied. “I get it all the time.”

“Well, I got it today,” Colin said. “And this right here,” he gestured to the rumpled bed beneath them, “is the result.”

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,” Joshua told him, leaning in to press his lips to Colin’s ear. “I am one lucky Jew.”

“And I am one lucky Irishman,” Colin replied. He groaned, then spun away from Joshua and clambered out of bed. “I’ll make you a deal,” he said, stretching to ease his aching leg. “You change the sheets and I’ll help you with the dishes.”

Joshua turned as well and got to his feet, standing close beside Colin. “OK, Irish. It’s a deal. Get me the sheets and I’ll change them while you start lugging dishes into the kitchen.”

Colin’s arm wrapped around Joshua’s waist and drew him close. “Thanks for a great St. Rat-rick’s Day, baby,” he murmured, then kissed Joshua’s throat.

“Same to you, Irish,” Joshua said, then stood watching as Colin ambled toward the hall closet to grab clean sheets, admiring the beautifully defined muscles of his legs and back and the round firmness of his ass. “My god, you are a sight to see,” he murmured.

Colin turned and moved back into the bedroom then handed two clean sheets to Joshua. “What’d you say, bud?”

Joshua shook his head, then kissed Colin tenderly and pointed toward the stairs. “Get going, Irish. I’ll be down in a minute.” He watched Colin stroll down the hall, still stark naked, and head down the stairs, then shook his head and began to strip the wet, stained sheets off the bed. I’ll never know how I got so lucky,” he thought as he tossed the dirty sheets to the floor. But by all the gods who look after the Irish it’s one piece of luck I will never, ever let go of. He lifted his eyes to the ceiling. “From a grateful Jewish heart, St. Rat-rick, thank you.”

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