Glowing reviews for ‘Love’s Magic’!

Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to read the glowing reviews for Love’s Magic! As a first-time author, these reviews are a thrill for my heart. But beyond that, it’s so gratifying to know that others see in these characters what I’ve seen in them from the start.

I’m deeply grateful to these reviewers for their willingness to give of their time and effort. They have a great love for books and the authors who write them and that love shows in their willingness to give back to the gay romance community by serving as reviewers and bloggers. It’s a time-consuming process that requires both love and commitment. I’m in awe of these folks. A grateful newbie author thanks them from the heart.

From Fay Kennedy – 5-Stars! 

“This was a first time read for this author and I absolutely loved it. The story had me with in the first paragraph as Nate and his boyfriend David bantered. But this also includes a fabulous story for Colin and Joshua’s romance.

‘Maybe some things are worth a broken heart, he mused. Maybe some men are worth it. A beautiful quote in this book from Joshua’s thoughts. I loved the Irish scenes with Joshua and Colin. Both stories interwoven and brilliantly written.”

From Dani Grey – 4-Stars! 

“I fell in love with these characters. The way they had to fight for their love and futures was a ride of ups and downs to the end.

They fight not just ghosts of the past, but also have to fight for their future. “

RS Dino 4-Stars!! 

“Janice is no rooky at writing skill. I am aware of her writing gigs for the past years and her experience certainly pays off well in this book.

Finally, I love how the author ended the book. The happy ever after is, of course, expected, yet, still, reading how it happens without a cliffhanger calmed me down.”

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