Gay Sci-Fi… with my grandson!!

One of the coolest plot ideas floating around in my brain is one I developed with my grandson, Brian, when I visited my daughter last Christmas. We talked about writing a Gay Sci-Fi novel which focuses on two individual beings, one an Earthling and the other a being named J’Sepp Eldan who comes from another (as yet unnamed) world.

J’Sepp’s world is highly advanced and could offer our planet fantastic new technologies which could eliminate disease, hunger, poverty. They also offer new insights and wisdom which could help Earth realize its full potential and become the paradise it was meant to be. Earth desperately needs this kind of radical change if the human population is to survive the effects of climate change and other self-destructive tendencies.

But before J’Sepp’s people can offer these healing gifts, J’Sepp must determine whether or not our people and his are compatible by experiencing ‘The Convergence’ with a citizen of our world. They must, in effect, become one soul. He has chosen our Earthling hero… who also does not yet have a name, as the most compatible human with which J’Sepp can reach convergence.

Our Earthling is flabbergasted by this proposal and unsure what it all means. He quickly discovers that he and J’Sepp must come to know and care about each other to the point where ‘The Convergence’ is possible. This involves both beings developing a deep understand of each other’s emotional, mental and spiritual character. They must explore each other’s minds, hearts, spirits, and bodies until they become so close that converging becomes a fact of life.

Without ‘The Convergence’, J’Sepp’s world cannot merge with ours and the human population of Earth would become extinct within a very short time.

The convergence itself is not merely a sexual joining although that is a big part of it. It involves coming to know and understand a completely ‘alien’ being at the deepest levels possible, to the point where both comprehend the many ways in which all living things are, in fact, One.

Those are the very dim outlines of what Brian and I sketched out. I think it would be very interesting to develop a character from a world which was totally different from an Earth, and attempt to find common ground and common understandings between their citizens and ours.

Who knows if it’ll ever go anywhere. But I find the idea fascinating and may try to develop it within the next year or so. Besides… won’t it be fun to write a Gay Sci-Fi novel with my grandson??

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